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Julianne Siciliano
Julianne Siciliano

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This review is honest and unsolicited. My soon to be husband and I met Julie around 3 yrs ago when we decided to start our search for our first home. I think we were both indecisive of what we wanted in a home and kept changing our minds. In 3yrs we looked at a lot of homes, Julie never gave up on us. She was extremely knowledgable of homes, attention to details in things you want to know before you buy a home. I loved that she never tried to convince us to purchase something, she clearly new when we didn't like something. Julie never tried to show us homes she knew were out of our budget, only if we asked. Finally, after 3 + yrs, lots of looking and lots of patience Julie helped us find our dream home. I knew from the minute we pulled into the driveway this was our home, we couldn't have done it without her. Thank you Julie for sticking with us. If your looking for a realtor who's knowledgable, funny, will work with you as long as you need to find your dream and most of all has your best interest than look no further Julianne Siciliano is the realtor for you. We would highly recommend Julie to everyone. Thank you Julie for help making our dreams come true. Love Erica & Joe Erica and Joe
We would highly recommend Julianne Siciliano!! She helped my family to sell our condo and buy a single family home. She is knowledgeable, professional, and always available. She is such a hard worker that there were times she was contacting us at 10pm so she’s working all hours on the clock. She made it her mission to find us our dream home and she sure did that! This was my first real estate purchase so I had a lot of questions, but she took the time to address all of my concerns without feeling rushed. Julianne is also trustworthy, as she told us the good, the bad, and ugly. I felt that her candor really helped me to trust her advice and guidance. At the end of the day, Julianne is the realtor you want to work with. I couldn’t imagine this experience without her. Mallory and Bret
My house was up for sale for six months with another agent. I was only getting low ball offers because I had major renovations that were not finished. I reached out to Julianne who had many good reviews. She was the only agent that gave me the names and numbers of contractors she used without making me sign with her first. It took over three months for the renovations to finish and she never bothered me the whole time. Once the house was in the shape I wanted and gave her the ok, she took off with selling my house. I saw pictures of my house everywhere, including on my neighbors kitchen tables with their mail. Julianne is a very nice down to earth person who has a lot of energy and motivation. She will be in your corner throughout the process. She also has a wealth of knowledge in many areas that most agents do not have. I would recommend Julianne to anyone selling or buying a house Lori Brown
We had listed with Julianne based on the reviews we found on Zillow and we weren't disappointed, in fact she exceeded all our expectations. Julianne was extremely flexible with our changing requirements and provided great advise based on our situation which helped us make the right decisions. She was always forthcoming and honest in her dealings which helped us form a trusted partnership for the future. Umesh
Let me first start off by saying that we have been through many realtors over the years and have been greatly disappointed. Julianne was sent from the heavens to make the whole process seamless for us. Not only were we selling our home of 13yrs but relocating cross country all in the same month. Julianne as promised went above and beyond my expectations and sold our house within 30 days. Julianne's knowledge, professionalism and her rolodex of contacts was extremely impressive. Any questions or concerns we had Julianne had a contact at her fingertips that answered our questions on the spot. When we left our home vacant Julianne made sure to check in on the house constantly and whenever I would call her she not only picked up all her calls but if she was unable to would call me back as quickly as she could. This was more than a business transaction for Julianne I felt she had our best interests at heart and literally eats, breaths and sleeps realty. I cannot thank her enough and am so grateful to have had the pleasure of doing business with her. Nancy ZIon
Julianne Siciliano is by far the best agent I could have found anywhere. I don’t believe we could have found a better Real Estate agent, to sell our house in Old Bridge, NJ. We moved from Old Bridge NJ to Nashville Tennessee in 2009 and needed to find an agent who would be able to sell our house in our absence. I did not want to come back to New Jersey in order to sell our house. I searched the Internet in order to find an agent who, I believed, would go above and beyond, in confronting and solving the many details, in an effort to sell our house. I am so glad that I found Julianne Siciliano. She had the best reviews I could find. I can now see why she has so many awards for her outstanding service and dedication. I wish I could give her a rating of more than the five stars, in every category of service that she provided to me. Julianne sure did live up to all the positive reviews, and then some. Because I did not want to come back to NJ, I needed to find an agent who could manage the multitudes of issues to be confronted with while trying to make our property ready and attractive for sale. I would have to agree with every favorable review about Julianne. In addition, Julianne made us feel like we were her only clients. She was always available anytime, day and night and always responded immediately to my phone calls, emails and texts. Once a buyer for our house was found, there were many elements to be dealt with, that Julianne took control of, in order to get the house prepared for the sale. It appeared to me that Julianne has many contacts for any issue that could arise. She set up all the appointments and met with appraisers, inspectors and others on site at the property. The inspectors found many problems that had to be remedied before the house could be sold. She took control and hired all the contractors needed to fix the many issues that arose as a result of the inspections. She worked alongside with the contractors and checked to make sure that all violations had been corrected. She recommended an attorney that could complete the sale for us. Julianne tirelessly worked and had many communications, on my behalf with the attorneys, inspectors, brokers, etc. and successfully negotiated and resolved the too many to list of issues. I truly don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for Julianne. She was always willing and able to resolve any difficult issue in no time at all. Anyone who decides to hire Julianne as their agent, I’m sure, will be truly delighted and never disappointed at all. Less Al Pacifico
My husband and I feel truly blessed to have happened into an open house that Julianne was hosting. From that moment on, even as complete strangers whom she knew nothing about, our quest to find our family our dream home became her mission! Julianne from that second on worked tirelessly at finding us a home. We were not easy, we were anxious, pressed for time, slightly indecisive, and very demanding...not to mention full of big dreams! Julianne was so kind and patient! She was available for every phone call we made. She made herself available anytime of the day and night when we wanted to go back and see a house two and three times. She brokered every detail for us with our sellers. She made happen every one of our requests. She said no to nothing!!! She promised us the day we walked into her open house that she would find us our dream home and three short months later she was taking our picture holding our sold sign off our new home! My husband and I were truly amazed at the level of attention and commitment she gave to us. We are forever grateful and will recommend Julianne Siciliano whenever someone is looking to buy or sell. You would be very fortunate to have such a stellar top performer in your corner! Chris and Elizabeth
Working with Julianne was an excellent experience. She is very professional with lots of Knowledge. Julianne is a very warm person that understands any situations and will go out of her way to support you. Any questions were immediately addressed she was a good listener to our need and she delivered. I highly recommend Julianne Siciliano. Frank and Emilia
This is the second time we have used Julianne to buy a home and she also helped us sell our starter house. Throughout all processes she has been thorough, patient, and beyond helpful. She is definitely who you want on your side! Could never imagine doing this without her! We highly recommend Julianne! Joe and Kristen
She's knowledgeable, always attentive, helpful and amazing at what she does. We are grateful to have her helping us find properties and look forward to her selling them as well. Honey and Julian
Julianne is very knowledgeable and will not stop until she gets the job done. She always made herself available either by phone or in person. No problem seemed insurmountable for her. She was always able to solve or resolve any issue that arose. She was definitely an excellent choice! Susan Vroom
I hired Julianne based on her reviews from Internet. Hiring Julianne was the only best thing happened in my Home sale. I had so many problems and Julianne took all my troubles on her and resolved them one by one. So many things happened during this process, one of the Buyer Dropped, Issue with Basement permit, Deck permit, my move to Texas. She did 5 open houses for me and probably we had 6 city inspections. I never went to Municipal office for applying permits and was never present during these inspections. she did everything. She hired people for me to fix inspection issues. Apart from that she was very quick to respond to all my queries and always did everything on time. She always thought ahead of others to make sure we do not have any issue at time of closing. I think I would not have been able to sell my house without her... She is simply the best realtor.... Inder Grewal
Julianne was absolutely amazing in helping us find our dream home. This was the first time my husband and I purchased a house and we were a little naive to the process. Julianne had no problem at all holding our hand through the entire process from finding our dream home to closing. I would recommend Julianne to anyone. She not only is super helpful and caring, but she is a bulldog in getting things done and taken care of. It took us 2 weeks to find our dream home and 3 weeks to close. This would not be possible if we didn't have Julianne as our agent. Stephani Grillo
I have known Julianne for over a year. She is a positive, warm, and caring individual. She is an expert in her field. She responds to my concerns immediately and make necessary contacts to other individuals necessary to answer any concerns or questions I may have. I met her on January 26, 2013. Since that time she has helped me through the processes in obtaining my house, and encouraged me many times along the way. She has been there for me all the way. Julianne was the one that 'go the ball rolling' and I cannot thank her enough for her zeal. Martha Battle
Amazing - Julianne helped me find a diamond in the ruff, a house that had excellent qualities and just needed an update. She was extremely knowledgable along the way and no matter how many listings I saw in person or had questions on, I was always provided with the information I needed to make a decision. Julianne gave me suggestions on how to spruce up the house after my offer was accepted and everything worked out wonderfully. Nicky B
Our experience with Julianne has been great. Since it was our first time selling our house, we relied on Julianne to guide us through the whole selling process of our NJ house; especially since we had already moved out of NJ. She has been extremely professional, flexible and understanding of our situation [of not living in the state] and has gone beyond the call of duty to help us in the transition. I would highly recommend Julianne and would definitely seek her services in the future Marie & Tony
Can't say enough about the level of service and experience we had with Julianne when we purchased our home about 2 years ago. She was extremely knowledgable and worked hard to get the deal done. She is very experienced and honest. I would highly recommend her to anybody looking to buy or sell a home Peter & Erica
So we have a unique story. My wife and I were living in an expensive apartment. For about 2 years we kept looking. We worked with 2 different realtors for the 2 year period. I realized we had to do most of the work. I was never impressed with the houses they showed. I felt they could not understand me: very difficult, not enough funds but looking for an amazing house and on top of it all I thought i knew it all! Ha! So in my search I found a house that I liked. I drove to this house. It was around 7:45pm. I called my realtor and in their usual fashion told me they will call the next day to schedule appoinment. I saw a number on there so I decided to call. It was Julianne #. She answered on the second ring would be there in the next 20 minutes! I went to the car and told my wife we could see the house in the next 20 mins. She was shocked! I told her it sounded as though she was cooking but Julianne was there in about 15 mins! Long story short I decided to work with her and my wife agreed (she's usually very conservative). And such was the experience going forward! Julianne LISTENS to your needs. Julianne sends you a listing of what YOU want! Julianne is on your side all the way through as if it was her money being spent!! SHE LOOKS out for you! She is timely and super friendly!! Julianne tunes in to your needs and fights on your behalf!! YOU CAN TRUST YOUR DREAM IN JULIANNE'S HANDS. PERIOD!!!! George & Awo Wilson
Julianne has been helping me over the past 2 years through the ups and downs of trying to sell my house after my divorce. The first year my house did not sell NOT because Julianne hadn't brought in amazing amounts of prospective buyers through open houses and other individual walk through visits, but because I was unwilling to accept the bids in that current market. I decided to take my house off the market and just stay put. Julianne did not forget me however. Out of sight is NOT out of mind, with Julianne! (she's amazing). She actually called me 6 months later about a possible offer. I stupidly turned it down, convinced I was staying in my house long term. Then a few months later with a change in my situation I changed my mind and Julianne helped me put together a short sale . Despite the current issues with the owner of my mortgage (not a bank) Julianne is aggressively pursuing all aspects of the sale of my house. She sticks with you through thick and thin and doesn't take no for an answer. I'm confident that my home will soon be sold with Julianne's expertise and persistence. Not only is she a leader in her field and a great real estate agent, but she is willing to offer help on a personal level. She has been supportive, reassuring and comforting in frequent moments of stress and doubt. I HIGHLY recommend Julianne if you're looking for a knowledgeable agent who will fight for your interests and get the job done efficiently and expediently. You will not regret giving her a call! Paula
It started with a coworker referring Julianne's services. I wanted to buy a house after renting for 4 years. On our first phone conversation, Julianne was very professional and seemed to know the area well. She told me right off the bat that she was a workaholic and she was going to find me my new home. She was right. I had a workaholic working for me and she helped me find my home. Searching for a home can be very stressful especially when you have a limited budget. Julianne was always available, patient and very responsive. She quickly learned the features I was looking for in a home and we started the search right away. Since she knew the area well, we quickly indentified neighborhoods I liked and focused the search in those neighborhoods. One time during the process, Julianne was on vacation out of town and there was a listing I wanted to see because I felt I could make an offer on it if the property was as nice as shown in the pictures. Even though she was out of town and on vacation, Julianne arranged for someone to show me the home on that same day within a couple hours of my request. That is what I call dedication. When it was time to make an offer I never felt pressured. Julianne always made sure that I was comfortable with my decision. After an offer was made, Julianne kept things going and gave me updates on progress. Besides finding me a home, I commend Julianne for always remembering my name. I am happy I had Julianne help me find my home. If you are looking for an agent to find you your next home, I definitely recommend you give Julianne a call. Lassina
I turned to Julianne to help sell my townhouse when my realtor lost interest in selling my home. Julianne was aggressive and always right on target. She was in constant contact, so I never had any questions as to what was going on with my listing. I gave her my grandmother's co-op listing, and even though it was only on the market for $20,000, meaning a measly commission, she was just as aggressive with the listing, and treated my grandmother as family Karen, Earl, & Nanny
In the summer of 2012 my fiancé and I set out to buy a house before our wedding. Julianne Sicilano listen to our list of wants and needs and began showing us every house that met our criteria. During our search, I contacted Julianne at all hours of the day and always received an immediate call back if she was busy at the exact moment I called. The house we settled on was a short sale and as such, Julianne clearly explained the process to us and how long it might take to complete. My fiancé and I decided that it was worth it. Throughout the entire process Julianne worked with the lawyers on both sides, the lenders on both sides, and me. She made the process as smooth as process. At any time during the closing of the sale (which took 6 months) if I had a question or concern, Julianne was right there to answer. If she didn't have the answer, she got one. I would absolutely recommend her to any of my friends and family Dan & Amanda
I would first meet Julianne Siciliano in January 2013, a well vetted referral from a dear friend and fellow Weichert salesperson in Morristown, as I would be faced with the sudden need to sell a second property. Now, February 2014, with the property closed, I reflect back on the difficult circumstances surrounding this challenging sale and wanted to convey my compliments and appreciation for the exemplary job Julianne did. Her knowledge of real estate and problem solving skills, impressive. Her work ethic, dedication, strength and fortitude, indefatigable. Julianne consistently went out of her way to make certain everything went as smoothly as possible. I was deeply impressed and admire her attention to detail, diligence, dependability and thoughtfulness. I haven't a doubt all future clients will recognize these qualities and her never failing professionalism. Kudos to Julianne and Weichert Realtors. Elizabeth Romanowski
Julianne is great at what she does. I highly recommend her. She has helped myself, friends and family members both purchase and sell homes. She really knows what she is doing and is really out to help you. She has a great heart and is awesome to work with Colleen & Keith
Julianne is a realtor like no other! She honestly has YOUR best interest as her focus. We felt extremely comfortable with her from the beginning, never felt like she was trying to "sell" us on a home. We are extremely grateful for her expert insight and advice. She is always reachable and accommodating in meeting with you. When we found our home, it had two other offers on it. The listing agent had zero interest in working with us. Due to Julianne's hard work and negotiation skills we are schedule to close next month. We are so glad we found Julianne! Melissa & Peter
We have been looking for a home for over 1 yr, (looking for the right one) I must say Julie has been with us every step of the way. She's patient and very knowledgeable in her expertise. I like Julie because she's honest in her opinions and NEVER tries to push something on you. We haven't found our home yet, but I am confident we will with Julianne. Would highly recommend. Erica D
Julianne was my agent in when I purchased a home in Old Bridge. Her level of professionalism and business insight far exceeded my expectations, and I recommend her without hesitation. First and foremost, Julianne was very responsive - I never had to pursue her for follow-ups. She answered my questions completely and was attentive to my needs. More importantly, she was very patient and never attempted to rush me into a decision. What really impressed me as we visited various homes, Julianne developed a sense of what I was looking for based on my feedback (positive and negative). Fusing this with her expertise of the market, each property we visited was progressively "closer to the mark." Lastly, Julianne provided valuable and objective observations and remained an advocate for my best interests. Throughout the purchase process, she remained responsive and concerned. Even after the closing, Julianne has continued to assist with locating repair people and contractors Laura Smarch
We bought a short sale last year. It's our first time buying short sale property and Julie was acting as our buyer's agent. We were lucky that she turned out to be extremely experienced and knowledgable and advised us on every single issue throughout the process Xueing Chan
I found Julianne on the Accredited Buyer’s Representative website. As a first time homebuyer, it was important for me to find a broker who would help me make sense of the monumental process ahead of me. Julianne was that broker. Armed with infinite patience, Julianne held my hand every step of the way. And in just a few short weeks, I went from wide-eyed renter to proud homeowner. I could not imagine buying a home with anyone else at my side. Julianne was incredibly professional and laser focused on getting me into a wonderful home at my ideal price point. She was available 24 hours/day before, during, and after my purchase. I still call her to this very day for advice. Julianne was truly a blessing. I have and would recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Julianne! Mauice Ayala
Julianne is without question the most professional, determined yet client friendly real estate sales person I have ever encountered. Her depth of knowledge of the real estate market and ease with which she communicated that knowledge made the entire home sale process a breeze. I heartily recommend Julianne to anyone who wishes to buy or sell property Pat and John Ruter
My experience with Julianne was TOP NOTCH!!! She did everything she said and more. My house sell was not the traditional situation. Julianne listed and sold my house in 30days...I was in Spain on vacation and when I returned my house was sold/closed. Her response time and communication was concise direct and always accurate. She knows her business/industry and I loved that Lisa Mc Claim
The best realtor ever...... She made a stress situation bearable while providing excellent customer service. We needed to buy and sell with closings on the same day Julie worked with the attorneys to make this happen. Maria Morse
She worked with us throughout the entire process. Did not rush us to make any decisions. As a matter of fact she kept asking us "Can you see yourself living in this house?" with every house house we looked at and we looked at a lot of houses. When we had issues with our closing and mortgage, she stepped in and took care of everything. She was extremely helpful in getting us an inspector, people to re-finish our floor and electrician. She basically kept everyone on schedule, followed up with everyone that needed to be involved in the process which allowed us to close on our scheduled date. She made it possible for us to own a home. We will be sure to recommend her to anyone of our friends that will be looking to buy a house! Barbara and Tong
Since my elderly mother was no longer able to live at home, I had to make the emotional and difficult decision to sell the family home that my parents had built in the 1950's. I initially wanted to do a FSBO, rather than enlist the services of a realtor; however, I live out of state and knew a FSBO would be difficult. I searched the internet for a realtor in the Sayreville area and came across Julianne and read the many positive reviews. Even after seeing the high praises she has received, I was still somewhat skeptical, but I decided to see if she would be interested in assisting me. I sent her an email explaining my situation. She called me within 5 minutes of sending the email and agreed to meet with me, at my convenience. This was just prior to Christmas 2014. Since I was going to be in NJ for the holidays, she agreed to meet me two days before Christmas and I made the decision to have her list the home. I was not disappointed. She showed the home several times within days, including having an open house. The house was on the market a grand total of 10 days. Being somewhat of a worrier, she repeatedly reassured me not to worry about the selling process--and she was right. I had nothing to worry about. She went out of her way and did much more than I would have expected of a realtor. She is professional, easy to talk to, energetic, reassuring and honest. Other reviewers have commented that she makes you feel like you are her only client. I totally agree. Anytime I called, texted, or left a message, she responded quickly. She also did a great job of keeping me posted on all that was going on. I highly recommend her to anyone that is in need of a Realtor. You will not be disappointed. If you are looking someone to get the job done, call Julianne. I can't thank her enough for all she did. It is obvious that she loves what she does and strives to be the best in the field Lee
Julianne was a very good agent to work with. She was easy to get along with. Very knowledgable..Would highly recommend her. She worked very hard. Had many open houses. Followed up quickly on any potential buyers. Always provided feedback from showings. Always easy to reach. Answered any and all questions quickly Marie Totten
Julianne was very knowledgeable at what she does. She treated me as if family and always had time for me and my questions anytime day or night, saturdays and sundays. She made me feel so confortable from start to finish. I recommended Julianne to workmates which also were very happy. For being a first time homeowner, she just make the process so easy. What more can I say. Julianne the best in the business Gilbert Gonzales
Julianne Sicilano is the ABSOLUTE BEST realtor I had ever met in my life. She helped me buy my first home and could not have made the process any easier and less scary for me. Not only is she smart and knowlegble in the field of real estate, she has a handle on all aspects of home buying from buying and selling to were to get the best deal on furniture and decor. She is absolutely amazing. Without her help we would have never closed on my home. My attorney turned out to be completely incompetent and Julie came and finish the deal with the banks and getting the paperwork done so that we could have the keys that day..... I will forever be grateful to Julianne for all of her hard work and making the experience a good one. Respectfully, AnnMarie Crisa
Julianne assisted us with the sale of my mother-in-law's house as part of her estate. She was very flexible about meeting us based on our schedule to sign up with her. After we signed to list with her, she was still very easy to reach via phone or email. She told us she would have no problem selling the house and she was 100% correct. We listed the house on a Friday and by Monday we had a cash offer in our hands. I would not hesitate to use Julianne again for myself or to recommend her to anyone looking for a good realtor. I picked Julianne based on her internet reviews, so adding my experience to anyone else in search of a great real estate professional Arlene Oliva
Not only is she a leader in her field and a great real estate agent, but she is willing to offer help on a personal level. She has been supportive, reassuring and comforting in frequent moments of stress and doubt. I HIGHLY recommend Julianne if you're looking for a knowledgeable agent who will fight for your interests and get the job done efficiently and expediently. You will not regret giving her a call! Paula Haughney
Julianne recently helped us to sell our home in a challenging real estate market. She was attentive to detail and very informative regarding what we should expect based on her knowledge of the local market conditions. She was responsive to our inquiries and guided us through the entire process from accurately describing the property and dwelling right through the negotiation activities. If I have another house to sell, I would definitely use her again. She is energetic and focused and I highly recommend her. Jeanie Smith
Our experience working with Julianne as first time home buyers was amazing. Julianne not only found us the prefect house for us but was there every step of the way. Julianne treated us as if we were family and worked hard to get us exactly what we wanted. My wife and I could not be happier with her level of expertise and professionalism and wouldn't dream of ever going anywhere else for any of our future real estate needs. The Fryes
ulianne does an excellent job! She is willing to go the extra mile to get your house sold as quickly as possible. Julianne Siciliano was the first agent we got into contact with when we decided to sell our house. Julianne was professional in every way. She was always in contact, always looking for buyers, willing to have open houses when we wanted and was very responsive with us. She was friendly, on-time, always insightful on what we needed and most of all she was a people person. She was not pushy and she worked with is whenever we needed her. I strongly recommend her for any person wanting to buy or sell a house. She has all the qualities of a person who I feel comfortable around and could trust to sell or help me find a house. I appreciate her very much and would like to give her the credit she deserves. Thank you Julianne Siciliano for all that you did for us during this process. Mike & Donna
Julianne has been an incredible agent. She has worked extremely hard during the sale of our home as well as the purchase of our new home. Both transactions were somewhat complex and I will say that not only did her knowledge and experience help us get through it but her commitment to her clients - is what I think everyone should know about. She always makes herself available when needed. I highly recommend to her!! SMRITI MEHRA
Julianne exemplifies the professional Realtor. Knowledgeable, fast, and down to earth, she is truly able to act as both your agent and adviser through the sales process. I sold a small, low priced home through Julianne. Acting as a dual agent, she treated the buyer and me like gold, as if we were moving a much larger, and obviously, more lucrative home. Kudos to her and the staff over at Weichert in Old Bridge for their attention to detail and responsiveness. Greg Sharpe
Julianne, helped me in every way possible, I live out of state and Julianne went above and beyond to get me all of needed requirement for my rental. I needed so man different certificates to even begin to rent the property Julianne so patienced with me and helped find contractors to do repairs . Julianne Siciliano saved me from nervous breakdown ... ERIKA D
Found Julianne on this website and glad we did. Relocated out of state and was unsure of whether to rent or sell. Julianne helped us make that decision by listening to our needs and helping us decide what we really wanted. It was very stressful not being right there during the whole selling process but Julianne made it easier for us by always getting right back to us whenever we reached out to her. Too bad she does not have a license in our new home town so she can help us buy our next one ANITA DONITO
Julianne Siciliano did a great job in enabling me to sell my father's Condo. She was always available by phone to answer any and all questions. Julianne spent much time in my father's condo waiting for contractors to make repairs because I live in Queens. She did everything necessary to sell my Dad's condo as quickly as possible. Julianne has an excellent reputation and more than exceeded very high expectations. I would highly recommend Julianne to anyone who needs a real estate agent in the Central New Jersey area. Michael Peaceman
Julianne managed to keep a very stressful house sale under control. My parents were selling their home after 50 years. They had difficulty communicating with their first realtor. When Julianne was brought into the transaction everything went much smoother. She kept my parents calm and helped them navigate through the complicated process of selling their home. Donna Bamlett
Julianne was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a wealth of information and very knowledgeable in all fields of buying and selling a home. She is not only my realtor but now a life time friend. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell there home or any 1st time home buyers. She will help you out from start to finish and you won't be disappointed. Jill Vaiz
Right from the start Julianne had our best interest in the sale of our home first!! She explained the process from beginning to end. She was available anytime we had questions or concerns. Julianne went above and beyond to get our sale closed as soon as possible due to a time constraint on the purchase of our new home. I cannot thank her enough!! We are so happy in our new home and would and have recommended Julianne to as anyone needing to buy or sell their home. Joanne Leonardo
Julianne is down to earth and very professional. She has a vast amount of knowledge and knows many professionals who can help potential sellers and buyers properly navigate the process from start to finish. I highly value her recommendations and her professionalism throughout the process. She was always responsive to my calls, texts and emails. She made the whole process smoother with less stress. I have and will continue to recommend her services to family and friends. Nat Lopez
Very professional, aggressive marketer of our home but at the same time kept our best interest as her goal. My son recommended Julianne to us and we were very happy with her results. Our family has used Julianne in the purchase/sales of 4 homes. We highly recommend Julianne. Louis Quinto and Family

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